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What's Your (Pillow) Style?

What's Your (Pillow) Style?

At Clutter we talk a lot about expressing yourself in your space. About tearing down the boundaries between home, fashion, life and making it one fluid self expression.  

A key component of self expression is your own personal style. We've done some brainstorming to help guide you towards your aspired style.

Why is your style important? Your style preferences are the scope through which you see the world. When you wear an outfit or you enter a space, it is defined by the things that you feel drawn to, or even the things that you resist.

How do you identify your style? Our professional opinion: gut checks. Chances are that your home does not fall simply into one decor trend or style. Honestly, that’s the way we like it! Taking a gathered approach, mixing ideas and themes in an eclectic manor is what makes your space yours. 

What easier way to explore, mix, match, and play in your space than with decorative pillows. We want to share how easily you can transform a space with textiles to suit your style. We have reworked one space into four different styles. Which one speaks to you?  

The Bohemian


This style is free spirited, less dependent on historical aspects of decor and more on the telling of a story through objects. This style can be quirky, incorporating color, texture and character for a laid back traveled look. There is an artistic flair and willingness to mismatch that borders on purposeful clashing. This unconventional style combines the cultural influences from around the world of a well versed adventurer. The pillows in this space have bold patterns, textures and trims to add to the eccentric look and feel of this space. 

Featured pieces: Leila Square - Sam Oblong - Ingrid Square - Malia Square - Victoria Lumbar

The Rustic


This style pulls from nature, focusing on textures and materials with an authentic flair. There is an appreciation for handmade and aged pieces that carry stories. In this vignette we used organic elements, such as raw woods and mixed antique metals to emphasize the “lived-in” feel of a Rustic space. Pillows in this space should complement the raw and authentic theme with layered natural textiles: flax, linen and wool. Our vintage Kilim pillows are perfect for this look.

Featured pieces: Daliah Square - Leila Square - Arlo Lumbar - Eliza Oblong - Warren Oblong

The Modernist

This look takes cues from Scandinavian interior design trends. The beauty of these spaces is in the functionality and simplicity. Since there are less “things” it becomes about the mix of textiles, metals, woods, tones and abstract shapes (cue mid-century furniture). We warmed up the space with textiles and greenery so pillows should remain textured, tonal and even linear to enhance the space.

Featured pieces: Daliah Square - Leila Square - Fatouma Lumbar - Ugarte Oblong

The Classic


This look pulls from traditional influences, this style is more focused on historic shapes and details. Pieces with adornment and embellishment are key here, incorporating classic art, antiques and pieces with a history. Pillows in this space should reflect the same, but certainly a simpler, more refined look. 

Featured pieces: Leila Square - Arcadia Square - Aya Oblong - Mariame Lumbar - Naia Oblong

...and when in doubt, Pinterest!

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