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The Perfect Pillow Pairs

The Perfect Pillow Pairs


When it comes to pairings, some things just work: peanut butter & jelly, cocoa & marshmallows, social distancing & 2:00pm wine, etc. It all comes down to balance. There are no perfect formulas to pillow pairing, but we’ve spent hours researching to get pretty darn close. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure you pick the perfect pillow pairs for your space.

First, look around, then close your eyes, and decide what you want to feel in your space.  Do you want seaside serenity, or boho chic? Or is Scandinavian minimalism more your style? Or how about your own special mix? Set your intentions for the space…now, let's get started.

The first rule to Clutter pillow pairs is: there are no rules. But, there are a few tips to help you get the look you’ve been pinning for months.

Color Code

What are your aesthetically favorite objects in the room? What color are they? Let's make this easy and consider those when making your perfect pillow palette.

Pick a color scheme, or pillow palette, that complements the room. It's helpful to stick the rule of threes…colors that is (I am taking the liberty to say you can have limitless tones-of). "Read the room," as they say, take cues from the rugs, wall color and other upholstery; you want to create a cozy balance.  You can even choose a common color thread that travels through each pillow. 

I love to find what I call a “bridge” pillow (Note: this is not a technical term). 

bridge pil·low



1. The pillow that makes it all come together

Used in a sentence:

"I love my white pillow, and I love my green pillow but they look to stark on their own; thankfully I have a bridge pillow that has both white and green in it, and helps my display make sense!"

See exhibit A:

This helps to keep things complementary without feeling too matchy-matchy (Note: also not a technical term).

Mix and match baby!

Remember our rule of threes? Mix any three elements. My trick (but not a rule!) is to use a solid, a print and a nondescript texture.  Mix up scale! If your print is an exaggerated scale, get a small scale texture and vice versa.


One size does not fit all. Size does matter. I could keep going but I’ll spare you…

Some of the best pillow pairs are all different shapes and sizes. Layer from the outside in, larger to smaller.  Shape play is super important: square, lumbar, oblong, circle, you name it you can pair it.

Now the last and most important tip, trust your gut.  If you have created an authentic space around you, whatever you choose will go. So quit the worrying, trust your gut and pick your favorite piece!

A few other helpful tips?

Who says your solids have to be bland? A bit of surface texture, or tonal embroidery can help jazz up your solids. Check out Baule and mud cloth for this! Also, pick a pop (imagine Oprah chanting "you get a pop, you get a pop, you get a pop!”). Lost in a sea of neutrality? Pick your fav color and add it in a smaller oblong for a little infusion of fun!  

Bonus round (because we love our clutter bugs!): you can change it up on a dime.  Feel like going to the shore but you're stuck in isolation? Go for serene blues and easy ikats. Want to look cool at your virtual dinner party? Swap out your basic shams for boho chic kilim and velvets in minutes! Change your pillows, change your room, change your life (ok, that was melodramatic, but we've been stuck inside for days...). 

Sending love, 


Ps. Now say perfect pillow pairs 10 times fast. 






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