About Us

Thank you for visiting Clutter, we are so happy to have you!

We are a small artist crafted and curated shop with the goal to gather and create home and lifestyle pieces that are unique works of art, with the mission to help the people and world around us.

Meet Sarah

Clutter was founded by a female artist, setting out to share her craft, join people together and improve what she could touch through her art. 

Sarah has a professional background in fashion design, having worked for several design houses in New York City, but after years in the industry, found her passions lie closer to home. Growing up she learned to sew, paint, and design from both her paternal and maternal grandmothers. This love for all manners of art has shaped her as she's grown and led her to her current passion for home and lifestyle design. 

She has found a natural and true love in translating the perspective and taste level of contemporary designers into an elevated home line. She hopes to share with you the lens in which she sees the world. 

Sarah’s life has been shaped by the joy of creating, and this is the foundation on which Clutter was built. Let us share that joy with you. 

Shopping with Clutter

We thoughtfully design and mindfully source every piece that comes into our shop and consider at least two of four qualifiers:

  1. Is it something we would bring into our own home?

  2. Is it ethically made or focused towards social good?

  3. Is it environmentally conscious?

  4. Does it support another artist or small business?

We create

Located in Jersey City, NJ, all items in our soft goods line are inspired by the world around us. Our collections are designed and sketched at our in house studio. Some details are carefully planned, while others come organically throughout the design process. We feel each piece has a mind of its own, and aim to make the design the best it can be. Each piece is handmade, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Learn more about Our Method here.

We care

We mindfully source all materials to create and fill our shop. We work with weavers in India, Morocco and Turkey to create decorative pillows and blankets with focus on ethical manufacturing, environmental consciousness, and quality. We work in small batch production to ensure the exclusivity of each piece.

The majority of our packaging and marketing items are made from sustainable and recycled materials.

We give back

We love our community, and to give back to those working towards social good. Learn more about how and when we give back here.

Why Clutter?

We are often asked, “Why Clutter?” And that’s a fair question. It is a word so often associated with the negative.

We challenge you to look at your home, your things, your stories.

We challenge you to redefine your Clutter - to appreciate that which carries love, meaning and memories. That’s not to say keep the unnecessary, but instead, to remove your judgment on the necessary.

Move through your space, pick up a seashell, recall the day spent on the beach in Tulum. Pass the blanket you discovered in the desert of Morocco when the sun was setting over the dunes. These things are your living scrapbook.

It’s the things we collect, that we place on our shelves, on our tables, on our walls on and on our floors. These things express who we are and our life's vision and values. We surround ourselves with the things that make us feel at home, the things that make us “us.” And that, dear friend, is why we Love The Clutter.