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Winter is Coming, Winter Has Arrived

Winter is Coming, Winter Has Arrived

Well ladies and gents, welcome to winter. As it turns out that November, December and even the beginning of January for that matter, were simply "warm-ups" to get us ready for the bone chilling, finger numbing, single digit degree days that are upon us. That's not to mention, the snow storm heading our way!

Like many of you, we have run out of indoor activities, you know...because of that pesky year long pandemic. We asked you to help us beat the boredom, and did you all deliver! 

Whether you are located in the northeast (like us!), or somewhere else in the world, what better time than now to cozy up inside with yourself and/or your loved ones. Dig into some of the best recipes, workouts, activities and entertainment supplied by your fellow Clutter bugs. Let's get comfy, separate but together. Here is our list of favorites, created by YOU for a weekend spent indoors.

Ps. We bulletin pointed them for you because, well, let's keep it simple.

Best Recipe Resources  

Are you a butcher, a baker, a candlestick-maker? From clean eating to comfort food, we've got the inside scoop on where to find the best recipes! 

Games to Play at Home

If you are like us, you may be trying to teach yourself chess but when you need a break from the Queens Gambit, here are some our pals are playing!

Binge-Worthy Shows

If a few of these have been in your queue for awhile, now is the time to pull the trigger! Here are what your fellow Clutter bugs can't stop watching (+where to find them). There is truly something for everyone:

  • Imposters, Netflix
  • The Undoing, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
  • Bridgerton, Netflix
  • The Queens Gambit, Netflix
  • Homeland, Hulu
  • The Night Stalker, Netflix
  • Big Mouth, Netflix
  • Succession, HBO
  • Outlander, Netflix/Starz/Hulu
  • Emily in Paris, Netflix
  • Schitt's Creek, Netflix, Hulu/Amazon Prime
  • What We Do in the Shadows, Hulu 

Must-Listen Podcasts

What better to do while tidying, cooking, or self-caring? We have linked directly to each podcast's website so you can see if it is a good match for your ears! Most of these podcasts are accessible on whichever app you listen to your podcasts. 

Health (physical and spiritual) 
True Crime, Supernatural and Folklore 

*Note that this has the most submissions, you all are spooky AF and we love it!

Love and Dating 
Interviews, Conversations and Misc.


Make-You-Sweat Home Workouts

Your at home gym routine getting old? Here are a few at home workouts your community is L.O.V.I.N.G. right now:

*Check out your local studios and businesses for their virtual class schedules! 

Bar-Tender Quality Cocktails

 For a time when outdoor dining is no longer an option, and indoor dining feels scary, here are some bar-tender quality cocktails from the Clutter fam! We have linked to easy to follow recipes:

You also shared a few of your own recipes!

  • Tequila Spritz: 1 oz silver tequila, half soda, half kombucha and lemon or lime juice to finish
  • Skinny Marg: 1 oz silver tequila, soda, juice of 1 lime, flakey sea-salt sprinkled in, a splash of agave. 
  • Anything with Withco Cocktail Mixers

This was a blast to research and right because it came from YOU! We hope you enjoy so we can all stay in together, but separately.


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