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When I say the word I feel as though I could smell it. Salt in the damp air, trapped under the canopy of the jungle tree limbs. The roadside, that are also beachfront, restaurants are fuming with the fragrant scent of a late lunch.

Bare feet on uncharted territory. It feels as though we live a different life when we are here, as if we are solely yoga-doing, juice-consuming, hammock-napping bohemians; not New York corporate robots. I am perhaps two sleeps away from transforming my head of hair into dreadlocks.

The colors are so bright here even the sandy neutrals of the straw huts and tiki bars feel like neons. The people here are so bright, glowing with happiness and contentedness, even though the city ran out of fresh water on our third day visiting (oh, Tulum!). Being in this city makes me reassess my standards. Perhaps they are too high, perhaps I do not need everything I think I need in order to be happy. Just bare feet, salty skin and a taco. 

Perhaps (perhaps, perhaps...) I just need the reds and purples and blues that are woven together in these hand crafted satchels. Or the dream catchers that blow in the wind, handmade by locals at the downtown market. Maybe everything just needs to be much simpler, if much brighter.

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