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Sea Glass

Sea Glass


Photo by Daniel Jurin

Inspired by the season’s first steps on the beach. Taking a deep breath of ocean air as you pick up pieces of tumbled sea glass.  After a long winter season, the sea salt kissing your skin begins to heal you.

Photo by Shawn Best

Sea glass is a relic, really. Pieces of the past that tumble between coasts and through channels to arrive on your seashore. An heirloom that carries endless stories of its past forms. Snapshots of the moment it became part of the sea, gaining more beauty at every turn.

Painting by Shawn Best

We pulled colors from the frosted glass hues of sea foams, emeralds and mauves.  Fresh tonal layers and textured fabrics translate our take on this natural wonder, perfect for a getaway at your sacred seaside bungalow. 

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