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Meet Our Designer and Founder

Meet Our Designer and Founder


Hi There,

I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself, and why I started Clutter.  

Originally from outside of Baltimore, I worked my way up the coast and am now based in Downtown Jersey City. Growing up I spent hours sewing, creating, and painting in my little art room where my parents installed linoleum floors because of the endless mess. While I did play sports, and spent time with friends and family, nothing drew me quite like that art room, my safe space.

When I wasn’t creating, I was dreaming of what I was going to make next. I quickly learned I was doomed to a life spent chasing inspiration. That feeling when you stumble on an idea, and the passages of your brain open in ways you had never expected, then your heart rate picks up and sinuses clear…you know that feeling?

Enter Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University). I spent hours in the sewing labs: draping, pattern making & sewing. I joined a sorority, made life long friends, studied abroad and all that basic college stuff. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Design and found I am most efficient between 3-5AM (right before the sun comes up).

After college I had my sights set on the bright lights of New York City and leapt at the chance to work for a womenswear contemporary designer. Since, I have worked for a private label company, and a mass market company, learning about the industry from diverse viewpoints & customer bases. I have worked as a Design “can you get me a grande almond milk extra foam latte” Assistant, an Associate then Manager of Design Development, a Fashion Illustrator (drawings in The New York Times, Elle Magazine and more), a Trim Buyer, a Sample Room Coordinator – I won’t bore you with the entire resume.

While fashion opened doors for me (along with 17-hour days and stomach ulcers), I realized there was no place like home {*clicks ruby red slippers*}. The place where you walk through the door an instantly feel relief, safety, and are able to take a breath…maybe for the first time that day. A place where everything is yours and only yours, untouched by the demanding outside world. Where you are surrounded by the things you’ve gathered from your life’s journey that are unique to you. A combination of items that translate your story.

I want everyone’s home to feel like their personal oasis. I started in fashion because I wanted to create “wearable art” that makes women feel the best in their own skin. And now, I want to create and sell goods for your home that feed your eyes and speak to your soul. I want to supply purposeful pieces that carry a story with them. A piece that you love, that every time you glance at you think, “I chose to fill my space with this clutter because it makes me happy.”

I want to give you purposeful Clutter.


Joy Kaplan

It makes me happy to remember the steps that inspired your founding of ‘love the clutter. com’. And I also remember the special times from your childhood when we created something together out of nothing, whether it be out of fabric, clay, yarn or other materials. Your creative gifts are lifelong and amazing.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Dear Sarah, It gave me such pleasure to walk through your website. The personal statement of your journey could not be more true. I am so looking forward to all the future success stories that I know will be coming your way.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald 1/23/2020

Katelyn Meyer

Hello my dear friend! Your site has turned out to be such a beautiful reflection of the person you are and I’m so proud of it going live today! I am so happy for all who get to read your story and learn a tid bit about the strong and inspiring woman that you are! I love your clutter and I have no doubt that it will be a fabulous success!

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