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Clutter & Makers Community Studio- LIVE on Instagram

Clutter & Makers Community Studio- LIVE on Instagram
Lauren Demarco of Makers Community Studio wrote this beautiful article that she has allowed us to share with a few small edits! Enjoy!

Home is a space for everyone (including and especially our children) to practice being their most authentic selves, safely and joyfully.
A place to grow, rest, heal, and play, freely and peacefully.Join us on Instagram LIVE! A conversation between myself, Sarah Sacco of
Clutter and Lauren DeMarco of Makers Community Studio, and on Wednesday June 24th at 5pm.

We strive for our belongings to reflect ourselves and our values; building your own collection of belongings is a personal process. We are responsible for giving our children the space and respect they deserve to start this process for themselves. As our lives and families evolve, so does our space.

We will be sharing some ideas with you about how items that are beautiful to us can blend with items that are important to our family members, so that everyone can thrive under one roof!

We will discuss conscious parenting, boundaries, identity, ego, the importance of different types of play and creativity for building confidence, how our children’s belongings which hold inherent value can be integrated into your shared space, tips for home harmony, connection, and joy!

Lauren and I are so proud to bring you this content! We hope that if you take something away from our conversation you will dig a little deeper into our work.

Makers Community Studio

Makers Community Studio is an art studio that teaches children creativity through problem solving process art and play! Your little ones can explore and create at home with their homemade dough kits while they patiently anticipate the reopening of the studio!
Click through her highlights for some fun invitations to make and play; examples of how to help your child develop his/her own lifelong creative practice are at your fingertips.


At Clutter we create beautiful and utilitarian piece of art for your homes from storied textiles.
We carry carefully selected vintage pieces and our in house line of handmade pillows. We would love for you to shop our pieces and explore your own home style!












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