Why Clutter?


We are often asked, “Why Clutter?” And that’s a fair question. It is a word so often associated with the negative.

We challenge you to look at your home, your things, your stories.

We challenge you to redefine your Clutter - to appreciate that which carries love, meaning and memories. That’s not to say keep the unnecessary, but instead, to remove your judgment on the necessary.

Move through your space, pick up a seashell, recall the day spent on the beach in Tulum. Pass the blanket you discovered in the desert of Morocco when the sun was setting over the dunes. These things are your living scrapbook.

It’s the things we collect, that we place on our shelves, on our tables, on our walls on and on our floors. These things express who we are and our life's vision and values. We surround ourselves with the things that make us feel at home, the things that make us “us.” And that, dear friend, is why we Love The Clutter.