Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community for the free spirited through one of a kind home and lifestyle art. We seek to create an inspiring shop for the adventure seeker; where our customer can surround themselves with unique pieces that create a personal oasis. A shop where all feel free to explore, ask questions and dream.  One where the customer feels excited by our journey and secure knowing each piece is handmade with love and with other humans in mind.

Clutter was founded by a female artist empowering other artisans. Each of our products comes with a story that is unique as the piece itself. It carries the story of a local designer's passion, of a vintage finds’ past life, of artistry passed through generations. We aim to use our artist instinct and trained design eye to create pieces you will not find elsewhere. Translating the world around us into one-of-a-kind, and custom pieces. Rather than selling products, ​we want to create capsules that speak to your soul, that fill your home with beauty, and woven together, tell your story.

We humbly recognize our responsibility to our fellow humans and the weight of environmental impact. As we grow we promise that our partners, fellow artisans, customers and mother earth will always come first. We pursue prosperity at the expense of no one. As we are beginning our journey, a percentage of each sale will be donated to a foundation aiding our community; we believe that everyone should be seen, heard and appreciated. As we grow, our donation percentage will grow. We use recycled and recyclable packaging materials when possible, because every bit counts! Our mission is to surround you with purposeful Clutter; Clutter that speaks to you, Clutter that gives you a sense of self, and a sense of home.