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Photographed by Katie Hall

Nashville is about people. As if the city was engineered to steer you into the hearts of others, discovering all they have to offer as fellow humans

It's about engaging with people. Every space is created conducive to gather. There is never a rush, “take your time honey.” It lacks exclusivity, allowing for an easy freedom and flow and I don’t feel the need to compete with the strangers standing in the non existent line outside of the bar. And even if there was a line, I would feel thankful for the new friends I made in the camaraderie of over-listening to the pulsing band right inside the wide-open windows and doors.

It’s about the talent of the people. There is such talent that fills the city so completely that it is bursting in the places it is bound together, splitting at the neons that make up its eccentrically stitched seams. But here, there is not the same nagging desperation I’ve sensed in the major coastal cities. People here are fueled by passion, and that seems to be enough to sustain them while they make another gourmet coffee for a tourist in their day job.

It’s about the joy of the people. Joy swirls freely, riding on the slender backs of the musical notes reverberating against our ear drums. With all of this space, it is free to move and dance and twirl aimlessly, easily floating into the airy bars and restaurants and breweries lining the streets. Joy is sold here, curated and in the guise of experience. 

Nashville is about people who look you in the eye when they talk to you, tell you about their apple tart, and compliment your drink order. It’s about the people who ask you where you're from, and can’t wait to tell you why their town is a slice of heaven. 

Photographed by Katie Hall

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